Forest Mulch – Compost – Firewood

Performance Arboriculture has some holding yards where we stockpile the by-products of our tree lopping operations. These products, their descriptions and benefits are outlined below.


Forest Mulch

MulchingOur wood chippers produce high quality forest mulch as a result from processing the tree sections safely removed during our tree lopping operations throughout Brisbane.

As we are “Gum and Large Tree Specialists “, we mostly are processing the types of trees that create the best looking and most consistent mulch.

Our Forest Mulch can be ordered direct from our tree lopping jobs , in which case it will require aging for 6 weeks prior to using, or we have an aged forest mulch stock pile and can deliver it ready to use. As we are offering our forest mulch direct from the manufacturer, considerable savings are had by consumers.

Forest Mulch is possibly the best mulch to spread over garden beds for the following reasons.

Soil Conditioning and Plant feeding- Forest Mulch dramatically helps the soil to retain moisture, it slowly releases nutrients into the soil as it continues to break down, it promotes the abundance and activity of Earthworms, it improves the aeration of the soil, it eliminates erosion and compaction of top soil. Gardeners will notice a greening up effect on their plants soon after good quality aged forest mulch is spread.


MulchingFinancial Savings – Forest Mulch is the least expensive mulch on the market today, particularly when purchased direct from the manufacturer. Water costs are severely reduced and depending on garden planting the need for watering or watering systems can be eliminated by the use of forest mulch.
Forest mulch also reduces the weeding requirements of garden beds, saving time and money spent on garden maintenance.

When a high profile garden requires the use of expensive boutique mulch, the use of inexpensive forest mulch as a first layer will result in a much reduced quantity of the expensive mulch and save money. This will also benefit the garden in all the ways forest mulch does and that the boutique mulches often do not.

Aesthetics- Forest mulch looks good and can very quickly tidy up unsightly yards or gardens. Colour is derived from the species of tree being processed, ranges from yellow-cream through to a dark red. The majority of our mulch comes from Eucalypts which produces a orange-red mulch.

Weed suppression- Forest mulch reduces the occurrence of weeds throughout gardens. The few weeds that do appear are quick and easy to eradicate.



MuchStored at our holding yards are some large piles of very old forest mulch. Some of which have been aging and breaking down for over 3 years. This product is no longer a mulch but is an excellent compost to be mixed with soil or to be directly planted into.
Our compost is dark, moist, humus rich and abundant with Earthworms.
It is slightly more expensive than forest mulch but is still much less expensive than all alternative composts.


Our holding yard also contains large quantities of hardwood logs, these are sold for the cost of handling only either as whole logs or as split firewood. Once again savings can be made by purchasing direct from the supplier..