Why Consider Tree Surgery?

Why Consider Tree Surgery?

Trees are a very important part of the environment. They contribute a lot to create symbiosis, natural balance and pleasant living for residents in a given area. Arborists, otherwise known as arboriculturists or tree surgeons, deal with the care and management of these trees, particularly those found in residential communities. Their focus is more on individual trees, as opposed to foresters who oversee vast forests, not just any one tree in particular.

What Tree Surgeons Do

The tree surgeons’ scope of work covers treatment of trees and may constitute actual removal of the tree if it is deemed dangerous for the people living in the area. Tree surgery involves thorough inspection and evaluation of the problem with the tree. The work may be to save the tree or completely remove it if hazardous. The work may include trimming, pruning and shaping, transplanting, treatment from pest-inflicted diseases, providing structural support and treating parasite infestation.

Tree services may have to deal with very large trees, such as gum trees, which may be in trouble or may be posing danger to people and property. A tree surgeon should be fully trained and licensed to perform the task because there are dangers involved in this type of work. The arborist may be required to climb large trees using a harness or a rope, or they may have to work from a cherry picker to prune or trim a tree. The abundance of open space in the Brisbane area allows tree surgeons to use cherry pickers for the job. Arborists also face extreme danger if they have to work near electric cable wires as they trim or remove dangerous branches. They could get electrocuted if they are not fully trained and skilled.

Why Tree Surgery?

Australia is blessed with many large trees growing in communities. These trees need to be protected as they are important for the ecosystem. At the same time, there should be a balance between the natural elements and human properties. Some trees can be harmful to property and even cost lives. A tree surgeon can help to assess if a tree should be removed if it can potentially destroy property after it has been hit by a big storm or lightening. People could also be injured or killed if a potentially dangerous tree falls on the ground.

On the other hand, trees that are not posing danger should be protected so that they will continue to promote ecological balance in the community. A tree surgeon may be asked to trim a tree for aesthetic value or to allow people to walk underneath the tree if the branches are making it too bushy. A tree surgeon with a thorough knowledge of specific trees will be able to salvage a disease-stricken tree. To contact highly qualified tree surgeons, please call 1300 885 755.