Common Tree Diseases Found in Your Backyard

Common Tree Diseases Found in Your Backyard

If you love trees because of how they make your backyard more pleasant, you ought to do important research into the proper care of trees. Trees are prone to some common diseases, which they can catch in your own backyard. A full insight into these diseases can help prevent damage and potential death of the trees. When a tree appears to be suffering from a disease, it is best to seek the help of a professional arborist to save the tree from complete destruction.

Fungal Diseases

One of the most damaging diseases that trees can get is a fungal disease. Trees can get fungus fairly easily wherever they are planted. When the fungi spread throughout the tree, it can be big trouble for the tree. Fungi typically attack the stump. You will know if the tree is suffering from fungal attack if there appears to be a gooey white substance when the bark is chipped off. The fungi can produce mushrooms in the colder months. Trees can get fungi infection from airborne spores, or the fungi can be transferred from another infected plant or tree.

Root Rot

Another problem that you may face with trees in the garden is root disease. Damage to the roots is critical as they are very essential in absorbing water and nutrients for the tree to flourish. The rotting may be caused by fungal infection that has entered into the roots. If the leaves of the tree have turned yellowish in the wrong season, then that would be a bad sign that something is wrong with the roots as well.

Leaf Disease

The leaves of the trees may be attacked by infestation or a leaf disease that will hinder their ability to function normally. Leaves are important in the photosynthesis process to convert light energy into chemical energy. Damaged leaves due to a disease will impede the healthy growth of the tree.

Leaf disease is usually caused by bacteria. Indications of leaf disease include wilting of the leaves, blotchy spots, blights, rotting and complete damage of the foliage. While the disease is still restricted to the leaves, it is best to contact a professional arboriculturist to treat the problem.

Trees often require little attention and still they grow healthy with no problems. But there can be cases where they can be hit by bacterial or fungal infection. You need to check them every once in a while to see if there are any health problems. If they have been bogged down by a disease, it is best to get the services of a professional arborist immediately, in order to remove the infection and prevent the damage from escalating.

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