Stump Grinding

Stump Grinding


At Performance Arboriculture we have a specialized Stump Grinding team with large and small machines capable of grinding any size stump in any position.


Our larger machine can access through small suburban gates and easily and safely grind the largest of stumps as deep as required. However if the terrain or landscape structures (stairs, retaining walls etc.) prevent the use of our large stump grinder, our small, hand held grinder can be easily carried to the stump and effectively perform the same task.

tallo-wood-dayboro3Our Process: Our highly skilled and friendly operator meets with our customer, identifies the stumps to grind, checks the location of all services and safety hazards then sets about his work.

Firstly the operator clears the earth away from immediately around the circumference each stump using a Mattock and Shovel. Once the Earth is clear the operator grinds the stump to a specified depth, standard depth is 100mm below natural ground level though certain projects require a deeper grind or in some cases a total removal.

When the grinding is completed the mulch can be removed or placed in a garden or compacted back into the position of the stump. The area is raked and blown clean and customer satisfaction is guaranteed.

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