The Perfect Time for a Clean up

The Perfect Time for a Clean up


Spring is upon us! It’s time to get out into the garden and rid it of any weeds, debris and deadwood that may have gathered whilst we were all hibernating inside next to our heaters during our “chilly” Brisbane winter.

Before we know it, summer will be upon us and it will be too hot to do heavy work in the garden. Not to mention that with every summer comes the storm season.

Perhaps you have an old tree stump that you have been planning to remove. Reliable arborist, Performance Arboriculture is able to assist with this.

Our fully trained staff members work with the latest equipment to assist with the removal of even the toughest stump in the most inaccessible part of your garden. We possess over 20 years’ experience in the industry and we are fully insured, offering you piece of mind.

Our Step by Step Method

After the area has been assessed (including all services and hazards), we decide which machine will best suit the task. We have a large machine that is able to access small suburban gardens through gates or we have a smaller machine that can be manoeuvred around any terrain to achieve the same great results.

The next part of the process is to remove all plant matter and soil away from the base of the stump and any roots that may be visible. This is achieved by hand, using of a mattock, shovel and crow bar.

A standard depth of 100mm below ground level is usually sufficient although certain projects may require a deeper grind or total removal.

The grinding of a stump produces mulch that can then be distributed to the garden or back into the hole created by the its removal. Once the area is raked clean and levelled, you will be hard put to remember where the stump was!

Many Other Services

Whilst we specialise in the felling of gums, large trees and stump removal we are also able to administer tree surgery, pruning and shaping services to Australian standards, cavity and wood inspection of trees to ensure their health, land clearing and storm damage removal and prevention.

We are able to supply high quality mulch and compost that does not contain dirt, weeds or palm mulch.  Let our fully professional and qualified team help make your garden and pool area more manageable and easy to maintain.We are just a click away at