Tree Removal for its own Sake

Tree Removal for its own Sake

“Often, the reason we are called to a site is to remove a fallen tree after lots of rain, heavy winds or even after a lightning strike,” says David Bischof, Managing Director of Performance Arboriculture

By the time it has fallen the damage has obviously been done. “We have seen homes, garages, patios, swimming pools, and children’s play areas that have been badly damaged, cars have been crushed, and access to homes have been obstructed.”

We spend a lot of time trying to educate the public about proper tree care and the importance of ensuring the safety of loved ones when trees, dead or alive, are too close to a dwelling and may be showing signs of death or decay.

If you notice you have a tree with a split or damaged trunk, branches that are obviously dead or its branches are dying back, it is dropping sap or it has an obvious lean towards your home it is time to call in a professional to assess it.

Tree Removal for Your Sake

We don’t only specialise in removing damaged trees at Performance Arboriculture. Our experienced tree loppers will also help with the removal of trees that are simply just getting too big for the environment they are growing in.

Perhaps you are planning an extension on your home and you need to have one or more trees removed to make way for that.

Also, you can get what is called ‘crowding’, which is when there are too many specimens growing in a small area. This is when you can take the opportunity to select the healthiest and cut out the deadwood so to speak.

The roots of a tree can sometimes pose a threat to water and sewerage pipes and they can also rise out of the ground, damaging driveways and sub structures to homes and buildings.

A large tree can obviously block a perfect view and definitely block out energy-giving sunlight, thus inhibiting the growth of lawns and under plantings.

The bonus is that if you wish us to then mulch the items we remove we are able to offer this service as well, provided you let the mulch age for a period of six weeks. If you don’t wish to wait this long before you can use the mulch we have some aged products that can be delivered once the area has been cleared.