When is Land Clearing Needed?

When is Land Clearing Needed? 

Land clearing is the process of removing trees, brush, stones and vegetation from a parcel of land. It can either be small scale, such as a backyard or garden areas, or large scale, which often involves clearing large tracts of land to give way to residential or commercial land development.

Reasons for Land Clearing

Land clearing is warranted for many reasons. A piece of land needs to be cleared of debris that is obstructing the development of the land for a specific purpose. Land clearing must be carried out to allow construction projects in urban areas or the conversion of the land into another use as authorised by the appropriate government agency. Land may also need to be cleared of fallen trees and other debris following a storm and other natural disasters.

The Australian government strictly regulates land clearing in a bid to preserve the country’s native vegetation and habitats, including bushlands, forests, woodlands and savannahs. Large-scale land clearing is a serious threat to the environment as it can ruin an entire ecosystem, resulting in environmental threats such as the destruction of natural habitats for animals and the decline and even extinction of flora and fauna that is indigenous to Australia.

A Job for a Professional

Land clearing is not intended to be carried out by non-professionals because of the complexity of the work. There is also Australia’s strict land clearing law to consider. Because of these reasons, skilled tree services experts are needed for the job.

Performance Arboriculture has years of experience and the right equipment to conduct land clearing operations quickly, properly and efficiently. The company offers a full range of land clearing services, from cutting trees to grinding stumps and completely removing any unnecessary obstacles. Land clearing services are available for both public and private property. The company’s knowledge and experience in tree removal allows it to carry out land clearing operations more effectively.

The company also has the necessary requirements to meet all of Australia’s laws on land clearing. Customers can rest assured that any untoward accident that may happen during a land clearing operation will be covered by the insurance carried by Performance Arboriculture.

In every land clearing job, the company mulch all debris on site to eliminate unnecessary removal. Aside from land clearing services, the company also offers tree surgery, mulching and composting, tree felling and removal, stump grinding, crown reduction and shaping services. For more information about land clearing, go to http://www.treelopper.com.au/.