Batten Down the Hatches – Storm Season is Upon us

Batten Down the Hatches – Storm Season is Upon us


If you live in a beautiful wooded area, you are one of the lucky few who get to enjoy Mother Nature in all her glory. There is nothing better than to be able to look outside and witness the awesome scenery of a bushland setting.

The flipside of this coin is that during storm season Mother Nature can throw a real tantrum. Whilst this can be a particularly awesome sight to witness, the destruction of garden and property can be quite devastating. In some cases vegetation is quickly annihilated as fast as you can blink an eye.

It is during this time that even a well-grounded specimen should be considered as a risk.

This is where the services of professional tree lopping arborists will be of assistance. Our qualified and competent team at Performance Arboriculture are able to conduct onsite cavity and wood inspections to determine the health of your garden specimens.

Once a thorough inspection has been performed, we are able to offer sound advice and guidance regarding what might need immediate attention, as well as what might need regular ongoing treatment.

Plant or Human – The Terms are Still the Same

You will have noticed that we have already mentioned determining the health of a particular plant and the possible need for ongoing treatment.

Another term that is used in the lopping and arboriculture industry is surgery.

The need to conduct surgery on a tree may come about for a number of reasons. The primary reason is damage. This can be caused by an unwelcome guest such as a borer or the previously mentioned storm.

The selective lopping of high or upper branches that may create an overbalance or leaf weight during a storm is also a form of surgery. After a thorough inspection of a particular tree, it may be determined that the best action is for it to be lopped or completely removed, which are other forms of surgery.

Mulch and Firewood

Obviously, with this kind of work there is always debris that needs to be cleared away. The larger pieces of timber can be cut down for your use as firewood once it has dried out. The smaller branches, for instance, are usually mulched and this, too, can be left with you to spread throughout your garden.

If you prefer to have this removed, we are able to perform this for you as well.

Performance Arboriculture offers great rates and use well maintained, up to date machinery.

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