Cutting Trees Safely

Cutting Trees Safely

Trees may need to be cut for safety reasons, including encroachment on power lines, collapsed trees following a storm, diseased or ill trees and other dangers. Cutting a tree is very dangerous if done incorrectly. For this reason, a professional arborist must adhere to certain procedures under the Occupational Health and Safety (OHS) Laws to prevent injuries when felling or trimming large trees.

OHS Guidelines for Tree Removal

There are four methods for accessing a tree: climbing a tree, using an industrial rope access system, using a temporary work platform, and using a crane. A range of factors, including the type of tree, its integrity, the site environment and climate conditions, will determine which method is the most appropriate to use.

Here are some matters to consider to help determine the most appropriate method to use to minimise health and safety hazards:

  • Whether the tree is rotted or dead, in which case climbing it or attaching something to it is dangerous.
  • If the type of tree is vulnerable to branch breakage when under load.
  • If the tree remains solidly planted in the ground.
  • If the crown is tipping to one side.
  • If the tree is sturdy enough to climb.
  • If the temperature is humid and hot, which would result in dehydration or fatigue to workers.

Before considering these methods, determine if the tree removal can be performed on the ground. With the worker on the ground, three things are eliminated: the risk of falls, issues with tree integrity and the use of high risk machines such as a crane.

Safety Practices by Tree Removal Experts

Reputable tree removal experts like Performance Arboriculture are conscious of the importance of following OHS standards when removing or trimming trees. The company adheres to OHS standards when performing tree lopping and felling, crown reduction and pruning services.

Performance Arboriculture covers full insurance to make sure its workers and its client’s property are covered if there is an unexpected accident. All work is carried out using the latest equipment to allow the company’s personnel to complete even the most complex tree removal project. No parts of the tree are left behind when the job is complete and the job is performed properly, efficiently and safely by using the right methods and equipment.

The company’s team of professionals has the proper training and enough experience to handle large tree removal jobs correctly. Safety gears are used to ensure the health and safety of the worker and also the people and the property around the worksite.

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