Safe Tree Removal

Safe Tree Removal

Having a large tree on your property serves a good purpose. However, if the tree should collapse during a fierce storm or the branches are already encroaching on electrical wires; the tree has become diseased or ill; or neighbours have complained about the tree invading their property, it is time to make the decision to remove it.

Removing the tree from your property by yourself could be risky. So, it is a good idea to contact professionals like Performance Arboriculture to help you get the job done properly and safely.

The company specialises in gum and large tree removals and offers additional services, including tree felling and removal, tree surgery, pruning and shaping of trees, stump grinding, cavity and wood inspection, land clearing, removal of dead trees and dead wood to protect property from storm damage, and mulch and compost sales.

Performance Arboriculture has been in the large tree removal market for over 20 years. It carries full insurance and uses the latest equipment to handle even the trickiest tree removal job. The company provides the best care to ensure safety when removing large trees from your property. Additional details on the company’s services are available on its website at

There are several compelling reasons why hiring reliable tree removal is a better idea than to attempt removing large trees from your property DIY-style.


There are many safety issues involved in removing large trees from your property, including the risk of falling from the tree or getting electrocuted. A professional has the right equipment and sufficient training to evaluate a tree-removal job before proceeding to the actual task.

Less Damage to Property

A professional arborist will make sure the job of removing large trees will leave no damage to your property and your neighbour’s property. In addition, the use of the right methods will ensure that no more damage will be inflicted on the tree itself. These are things that you cannot guarantee if you attempt to remove trees by yourself.

Right Equipment

A professional arborist has access to the right equipment for large tree removal. The use of the right techniques and machine will ensure that no parts of the tree will be left behind after the job is completed. Additionally, the use of the right equipment will guarantee that the job is carried out properly, efficiently and safely.

No Risk to Tree Owner

You run the risk of being accountable for anything that goes wrong with DIY tree removal. For example, you will be responsible for paying for anything that gets damaged. The professional arborist you will hire will take care of all these obligations for you, including insurance for any damage that may occur during the tree-removal process.

Most people go the DIY route to save money. However, having peace of mind from knowing an experienced technician is taking care of the tree-removal work in your home far outweighs any saving you can get from DIY tree removal.