Storm Damage

Storm Damage


24 Hour Storm Emergency Response

In times of severe weather and the emergencies created by fallen and semi fallen trees, Performance Arboriculture is ready, able and contactable 24 Hours/7 Days to give emergency assistance in using all of our expert skills and experience to firstly make the site safe and secondly to safely and carefully remove the problem tree or trees. We are contracted directly by property owners or by the Insurance companies and their Assessors. We have an excellent reputation with the Insurance companies and Assessors and work well with them to achieve speedy rectification work for our clients.

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storm damage, spotted gumThe Gap- In November 2008, following The Gap major storm event, Performance Arboriculture worked day and night making safe dangerous situations involving wide spread large tree carnage with most trees severed off or completely uprooted, fallen and resting on or in the damaged property or home. We worked tirelessly with Cranes, Towers of all sizes and plenty of climbing of secure trees to use to gain access and for rigging and lowering the damaged and unsafe trees safely to the ground. Performance Arboriculture has helped many families return speedily to their homes and worked for months with both Brisbane City Council and Moreton Bay Regional Council to rectify wide spread tree damage throughout their respective streets and parkland.

Australia Day Weekend 2013- Again in the cyclonic event that devastated South East Queensland on the Australia Day weekend in late January 2013, Performance Arboriculture was engaged to make safe and remove many large trees in some precarious positions on and in houses and properties, or semi fallen trees dangerously threatening people and their homes. In several cases Performance Arboriculture was contracted to perform the difficult task where many other Tree companies declined.

Storm Damage, large-spotted-gum, Aspley

Our process: When the forecast is for some serious weather or storm is approaching, the crews are forewarned for readiness. Our first priority when receiving emergency calls is making the site, tree/trees and property safe to continue to the next phase and to also prevent further damage. This is the assignment of our first response team consisting of a small crew of highly experienced and skilled Tree Surgeons. We use roping techniques, climbing, cutting and rigging techniques to render the site safe. We often assist in covering damaged roofs with tarps whilst we are there. In the two major storm events mentioned above we received over 100 calls per day from people with trees dangerously positioned on, in or over their house. This is why we concentrate on making safe with multiple small crews initially, so we can help more people and secure more sites. In early February 2013 we deployed over 1 kilometre of very strong rope to secure semi fallen large trees and make safe.

In the background, phase 2, which is removal and processing, is being rallied up and crews are being deployed to systematically work through our secured sites to safely and carefully complete the removal process. Sites are listed in an order of priority depending on the circumstances involved, evacuated young families rank the highest etc.

It is a very satisfying part of our industry and our business to help people in these times of distress and the thanks we receive together with the praise of our skills and abilities is one of the attractions this industry holds for all at Performance Arboriculture.

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