To Lop or Not to Lop

To Lop or Not to Lop

Living amongst the gum trees is a wonderful way to live and one that many of us have chosen. You don’t really need to leave the hustle and bustle of the city behind to achieve this. Wooded areas are just about everywhere we are, even in suburbia.

The important thing to remember is to ensure that any very tall specimens are not so close to your home or shed that they may cause a threat to you or your family’s safety.

It doesn’t take a rocket scientist to know that trees do not just fall over or drop branches all on their own. There has to be a cause for this to happen.

It may be that there is just too much weight in the branches or rot in the limbs. Perhaps a family of termites or borers have taken up residence and have made themselves a nice cosy little home by hollowing out an area in the trunk large enough for them survive. As the hive grows, they keep on hollowing until the entire trunk is just one big life saver – the lolly that is.

This is where the experience of our fully trained crew will come to the fore as we are able to inspect your property, identify issues, and offer sound advice on safe tree removal Brisbane.

Performance Arboriculture has been in the business for 20 years and there is nothing we cannot achieve.

Site Inspections a Must

Once we have completed an evaluation of the health of the flora and fauna on your property we are able to offer expert advice and provide an itemised quote.

When you have approved the work, our crew will arrive on site promptly at the appointed time and proceed to carry out an analysis of the area to ensure all safety aspects relating to your specific job are understood by all concerned.

Because some of the areas we work in can be sloping or rugged land that may be difficult to access or the site may be close to your home or that of your neighbours, this is obviously a very important step toward achieving a positive result.

Only once everybody is secure in their individual roles, do we send our climbers up trees to begin the task of whittling a large tree to a shape and size that is manageable.

Cleaning up after the job is complete is all part of the service so you will never know we were there.