Brisbane to Ease Tree Removal Policies

Brisbane to Ease Tree Removal Policies

Brisbane residents will be allowed to prune street trees for the first time in 20 years if proposed changes to the Natural Assets Law are approved. Residents are still required to apply to the Brisbane City Council for permission to trim or remove protected trees from their property. However, an arborist report will no longer be needed before starting tree pruning or removal work. Securing permission may be easier under the proposed changes because council will put more weight on risks to life or property and ‘nuisance issues’. Current laws are stricter because a tree’s health is considered first and foremost.

Implications on Protected Trees

The changes to Brisbane’s vegetation protection rules will impact on over 60,000 city properties containing protected trees and could affect 600,000 city street trees, including Leopard Tree, Moreton Bay Fig, Jacaranda, Forest Red Gum and Hoop Pine.

Currently, even the most minor pruning of street trees must be carried out by council officers. This will stop if Council gets its way and lifts a 20-year ban on residents trimming street trees affecting their land. Residents will still need to notify the council before commencing on the pruning work but can obtain permission on reasons including safety, nuisance or presentation.

Though the council would still maintain park and street trees and perform major work, it will relax its stance against minor work on public trees affecting private properties. A fine will be imposed to those violating the new policies including illegal interference with a protected tree.

Implications on Licensed Arborists

The changes will eliminate the need for an arborist report before starting tree pruning or removal work. However, permission will only be granted on work that requires hand tools and on branches up to a certain size.

Despite the easing on the city’s vegetation protection laws, certain work will still need to be carried out by a licensed arborist. Performance Arboriculture can help with pruning or removal work on trees damaged by storm or rotted by pests. Safe tree removal work is best carried out by experienced arborists.

Performance Arboriculture specialises in gum tree and other large tree removals. Work is guaranteed safe because it is carried out by a team of professionals who are fully insured and who use the most advanced equipment to handle even the most complicated tree removal work. The highest level of care is provided to make sure no tree causes damage on your home or property. Ensure that your property is protected from storm damage by immediately calling experts to remove dangerous trees and deadwood.

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