Land Clearing

Land Clearing


Performance Arboriculture has the capabilities to handle all forms of land clearing projects ranging in size from small vacant lots or sections of private property to large development sites.

Land ClearingWe use a range of modern pieces of equipment that efficiently and cost effectively performs the work to specification. Machinery used includes Chainsaws, Wood chippers of all sizes, Stump Grinders, Horizontal Grinders capable of processing large quantities of green waste and producing 1000m3 per day of Forest Mulch, Excavators of all sizes, Articulated and Skid Steer Loaders, tip trucks and range of hand held machines e.g. Brushcutters fitted with metal blades. The decision of which piece of machinery that is assigned to each project is determined by the size of the land and the quantity of green waste growing on the land, set up and transportation costs, also other factors to consider are the terrain and other safety hazards e.g. power lines , fence lines , buildings and any other specific factors e.g. selective clearing requirements may eliminate the use of large scale clearing due to the need to protect the condition of the vegetation that is designated to remain.

Another important consideration is any wildlife that may be living in the vegetation approved to be cleared, this may mean large scale machinery is unsuitable and a smaller scale systematic approach can be adopted to maximize the time for wild life to be evacuated or relocated.

dsc_0199We have cleared very difficult terrain job sites e.g. Mt Nebo Rd Landslides correction sites that occurred after the 2011 Floods. We had to abseil down the cliff face and used Brushcutters and Chainsaws to clear the vegetation off the sections prior to the commencement of the Geotechnical contractors correcting work.

Our specialty with regards to land clearing is the difficult terrain and smaller parcels of land that don’t warrant the set up cost of the large machines(Horizontal Grinders and large Excavators ) , or the jobs that require care and accuracy for all the reasons listed above.

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