Why use Mulch in Your Garden?

Why Use Mulch In Your Garden?

 There are many benefits to be gained from the use of mulch in the garden. It can help plants grow much healthier as it alters the capability of the soil. Mulch is a layer of organic or inorganic material spread on the soil around a plant.

Organic mulch can be made from moss, dead leaves and grass, bark, saw dust, wood chips or forest much, such as what we offer at Performance Arboriculture. It can also be inorganic, which may be made from gravel, debris, plastic chips or masonry chips. Some organic mulch such as sphagnum moss can effectively alter the acidity of the soil, either to balance the pH or to adjust the acidity according to the needs of specific plants. Much can provide your garden with several benefits. Here are just some of them.

Water Retention

The primary purpose of spreading mulch on top of the soil is to improve water retention and thereby help you conserve water. Mulch can effectively protect your garden soil against rapid evaporation when it is exposed to the sun. With good water retention, you will not need to water your plants more often than necessary. Once watered, the soil can retain the water enough to keep the plants hydrated.

Added Nourishment

Your garden soil can benefit from the use of organic mulch as it can provided added nutrition to your plants. As the organic material breaks down, essential nutrients are released to the soil to be absorbed by the plants. This would be one advantage that you can obtain from forest mulch.

At Performance Arboriculture, we not only provide experienced tree lopping services, but also provide top quality compost and forest mulch, which is a by-product of forestry services.

Regulating Temperature

Another benefit of using organic or inorganic mulch is temperature regulation. During hot summer days, you can still enjoy staying in your garden if there is ample shade and mulch on the ground. In particular, try the volcanic stones, which are very good in keeping the ground extra cool even during hot days. It helps that the mulch is effectively retaining water in the soil.

Decorative Advantage

Another benefit of using mulch is that it can actually add to the aesthetic value of your garden. Use the mulch to separate different types of plants and prevent grass from crawling over to the other sets of plants. This way, it is easier to mow the lawn. You can also use mulch to add colour to your garden, thus enriching its liveliness.