Signs That Your Tree is Unhealthy

Signs That Your Tree is Unhealthy

A tree can become ‘sick’ due to various reasons. Learn what to look for to make sure your tree stay healthy. Here are some telltale signs that your tree might be sick.

Faded Leaves

There are seasons when leaves change colour. However, your tree could also be sick if the leaves turn a lighter shade of green or yellow, or brown around their outer sides.

Crack in the Limbs or Trunks

If no storm has visited your area, yet your tree has damaged limbs or trunks, this is a sign that your tree might not be in the pink of health.

Wilting Leaves

Check the leaves for spots, pustules, holes and insects. These are signs of illness. In addition, a tree will reduce its leaf size if it begins to feel stressed. This is the tree’s way of saving energy in order to cope with whatever health problem it is experiencing.

Presence of Insects and Mushrooms

If you notice an insect or a caterpillar-type worm in the leaves, this is a sign of an infestation. There are insects in your garden that can actually affect the health of your trees. Make sure to address this potential problem immediately before the damage becomes irreparable. The presence of mushrooms in trees must also be checked. This is because mushrooms, a type of fungi, break down whatever they grow on, including trees.

Bleeding Sap

Your tree is losing vital nutrients if you see a sap bleeding from it. A bleeding sap can mean that your tree has a disease, a fungus or other type of health problem.

Consider a Professional Arborist

If you know nothing about tree health, it is best to call a professional arborist to diagnose the problem and recommend a solution. Some problems may be treatable, such as removing the part of a tree that has been infected by insects or damaged by fungi. An effective tree lopping service is needed to take care of the work. Performance Arboriculture uses a group of experienced climbers and crew to provide a full range of tree lopping services, including crown reduction and pruning. The company also offers stump grinding, as well as cavity and wood inspection.

In certain cases, the entire tree may have to be removed from your property if nothing can be done to save your tree. With Performance Arboriculture, no tree is too large to be felled and removed from your property. The company strictly complies with OHS standards and delivers immaculate clean-up services.

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