Grinding Can Be Better Than Removing

Grinding Can Be Better Than Removing

If you have a stump on your property you may think that the best or even the only solution is to have it removed. This, however, is not the case and, in many instances, just grinding it down is sufficient and there are benefits to this procedure too.

Grinding benefits

Before you hastily get a stump removed that doesn’t necessarily need to be, consider the benefits of grinding. Stump grinding is a time efficient procedure. This means within a matter of hours the stump that was taking up too much room will soon no longer be an issue. When stump removal occurs, this can take much longer.

Your plants will benefit from stump grinding too. After the stump has been ground there is mulch left behind that can be placed in your garden to help retain the moisture, add decoration and prevent weeds.

Stump grinding also prevents possible damage to your landscaping and surrounding plants and trees. By not removing the whole thing there is no gaping hole left behind, nor as much disturbance to the earth surrounding the area.

The Best Team and Equipment

Naturally with a job like stump grinding you want it done right and to do this you need to contact the experts with the right equipment. That’s where we come in. At Performance Arboriculture, we have an expert team who specialise in the procedure of stump grinding who have the benefit of using the best equipment for the job.

It doesn’t matter what kind of yard or access you have, we can get the job done. The larger of our machines easily grinds any stump; however, if you don’t have a space that can accommodate entry of this then we also have a hand held grinder. This little machine works really well and can get into any spot.

Our highly skilled team at Performance Arboriculture have the right experience and knowledge to assess and execute the stump grinding job you require. If you would like to talk to one of our experts about your stump and obtain a free quote then contact us or visit us online at

Once you are on our site you can view more about the procedure and use the tabs to navigate to view our other services. If you are looking for a professional tree lopper or an efficient and safe stump grinding service you need to contact Performance Arboriculture today.

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