Controlled Land


Many of us do not realise that to obtain tree removal Brisbane City Council on controlled Council land requires an application or notification to them. You cannot simply remove the tree yourself.

There are many reasons to have a tree removed. Each reason will attract a different form of assessment and outcome.

Examples of Reasons to Have a Tree Removed

Some reasons why you might want to have a tree removed may be that you have noticed a particular tree in your local park is rotting or has been dropping large branches and may cause injury to children or others using the park.

Branches or roots may be causing nuisance or damage to private property and this cannot be abated by any means other than removal.

The tree may be recognised as a Declared Pest or may not be a Council recommended species. It may even possibly not be planted in accordance with the recommended council standards.

If you are preparing to construct on a vacant piece of land and there is a sapling, bush or shrub right where you wish to make the entry onto the property.

As previously mentioned, each reason for the application of a tree removal will attract a different investigation and outcome.

In the case of a specimen being unsafe, for example, it will be removed and appropriate plantings will take its place all compliments of the Brisbane City Council.

In a situation where you are applying to have a healthy tree removed to make way for your property access, you may be expected to pay for its removal and ensure that appropriate, commensurate, trees are planted elsewhere.

Tree Lopper to the Rescue!

Here at Performance Arboriculture we are well versed in the specific requirements of the Brisbane City Council.

We are also equipped with the special requirements of the surrounding councils such as the Logan City Council, Scenic Rim Regional Council, Moreton Bay Regional Council, Gold Coast City, Redlands City and the City of Ipswich.

Our skilled crew are highly trained to perform appropriately approved lopping and extraction of all specimens large or small.

We are able to assist in the identification of Highly Significant Trees. These may be of significant value due to:-

• Heritage

• Historical importance

• Botanical significance

• Landscape

• Habitat

• Cultural, or

• Approved for waterways.

All our work is performed in accordance with the Brisbane City Council procedural recommendations or that of which Council boundaries we may be operating within.

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