Types of Tree Services

Types of Tree Services

There are different types of tree services that arboriculturists offer. These services include tree removal, tree surgery, pruning and secondary services related to the main services. Arborists are experts in individual trees, as opposed to a forester who handles large groups of trees.

Arborists are important in situations where some trees are posing problems to communities. In some cases, they are called to save suffering trees. Following, are the different types of tree services you can avail.

Tree Removal

Tree removal is needed in cases where the tree is potentially dangerous to the community and the people in it. The tree could be branching out to electric wires or it could be located too near a property, creating a strong possibility that it could damage the property in the event of a strong storm.

Tree removal is not always allowed by law. The authority’s first priority is the protection of the trees, so you cannot simply have trees taken down if they are protected under the law. For trees that are truly potentially dangerous, a special permit from the local council is required before they can be removed. Professional arborists from Performance Arboriculture can assist you if you need help in acquiring such a permit.

Tree Surgery

Performance Arboriculture also offers tree surgery for trees that are suffering from certain damage or diseases. The main goal of tree surgery is to rescue the tree from permanent damage. Trees may be attacked by fungal infection, pest infestation or any other diseases. Tree surgery usually involves removal of dead branches, treatment or removal of parts of the trunk damaged by disease or by pests.

Pruning and Shaping

Pruning and shaping provide various benefits. Problem trees may not be necessarily removed to avoid danger. Pruning and shaping may be enough to remedy the problem. With this solution, only the offending branches are removed to keep them away from property or electric lines.

Pruning and shaping can also be beneficial to the trees when done correctly. With proper pruning, trees will grow healthier without the dead or damaged branches.

Land Clearing

Land clearing is another service usually provided by the best arborist. Land clearing has to do with the removal of trees in an area for the purpose of construction or conversion to another land use, such as for farming or cattle raising.

Auxiliary Services

Arborists also offer secondary services related to tree removal and tree surgery. These services include stump grinding, which involves the removal of tree stumps left from the felling of the tree. Mulching and composting are also secondary services using by-products of stump grinding.

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