Importance of Removing Dangerous Trees on Your Property

Importance of Removing Dangerous Trees on Your Property

People living in the Brisbane area and the South East Queensland region experience heavy rains and major storms from time to time. When big storms happen, the region gets drenched in destructive floods and subjected to aggressive winds and rain. Recent storms have caused a lot of damaged homes, some because of fallen trees.

Human lives and property are not so safe whenever these natural calamities occur. It is always better to be prepared for any big storms that can pose danger to lives and property. One good way to make sure that your property and your family are safe from big storms is by eliminating any dangerous trees that are on your property. Trees posing danger to people and property can be safely removed by a reliable tree removal company.

Damage Prevention

Trees can be hit by lightning or uprooted by very strong winds during big storms. When that happens, the trees could fall onto your home. A tree could also bring down electric cables, which would cause power outage. There is also the danger of someone getting electrocuted when electric wires get hit by branches from a tree.

Assessing Danger

A tree on your property can either be an asset or a hazard. Just because you have trees in your property, does not mean that they have to be removed to prevent potential damage. Trees are a great asset to the environment. They help absorb rainwater, limiting incidences of floods in the area. Before deciding on removing a seemingly dangerous tree, make sure to do due diligence in finding out if the tree should really be removed.

One obvious hazard is a tree growing into electric lines. Its branches could be starting to get tangled with the electric cables. This type of tree is very dangerous. This could cause power outages, fires or electrocution when a major storm arrives.

The government generally wants trees to be protected. When they have reached a certain trunk diameter, they cannot be removed without proper approval. But if the tree is posing danger to human lives and property, exceptions can be made.

You should be able to check if certain trees on your property are dangerous. For instance, if the tree does not appear to be strong enough to withstand strong winds, then there is a great chance it would be taken down by strong winds. The same goes for trees that have developed a great lean. If the roots are already damaged, probably by pest infestation, the tree could possible fall when a strong storm happens.

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