What Mulch Can Do For Your Garden…

There are different items and elements that we can add to gardens in order to make them extraordinarily appealing. The garden does not only turn out beautiful with the help of decorative plant materials of various sizes and colours. Garden design is also enhanced with the help of non-plant garden elements such as rocks and stones, lanterns, fountains, and seats.

One excellent garden element that is always good to incorporate into gardens is mulch. Mulch can add contrast to the green foliage that dominates the garden. But more than the decorative function, mulch provides gardens with many other excellent benefits.

Many Benefits in Mulch

If you are keeping a garden, adding mulch to the soil would be a great help in making your garden’s plants grow healthier. The primary purpose of mulch in the garden is water retention. If you are concerned about utility costs and if keeping a garden seems expensive because of the water requirements, then you should take advantage of the water retaining qualities of mulch.

Mulch can bring water consumption significantly below normal. With mulch applied on the garden, around 70% of the water on the topsoil is prevented from evaporating. Applying mulch to the garden becomes extra beneficial during summer months when water requirements of plants increase dramatically.

Another benefit of using mulch in the garden is that it can prevent the growth of weeds on soil areas covered with mulch. Also, you can use the mulch as an effective divider between different types of shrubs and groundcovers. For instance, if you are growing lawn on your garden and some other groundcover plants beside it, the grass could easily get inside the territory of the other plants. And if you are mowing the grass occasionally, it will become harder when it starts growing inside these other plants. With mulch, there can be clear delineation between different plant types.

Mulch from Tree Waste

Mulch comes in various forms; it can be moss, or it can be small stones or rocks. The best type of mulch comes from recycled materials such as tree waste that would otherwise be thrown away. Mulch can be obtained from the best arborist, Performance Arboriculture.

The company produces mulch and compost from tree waste, either from cleared problem trees, decaying trees or from the by-products of stump grinding. Performance Arboriculture’s mulch is all natural, which makes it eco-friendly and fire-ant free. Mulch from tree waste is very good to use for gardens because the mulch tends to decompose into black rich soil that is good for plants. Find out more about the company’s services at