Z Determining the Costs of Tree Removal

Determining the Costs of Tree Removal

Trees are a natural part of our landscape. Trees beautify our surroundings and serve several important functions. Trees give us shade from the sun; they bear fruits that people can eat; and they play a vital role in generating oxygen and lowering carbon dioxide in the atmosphere. However, trees can be a problem if they become so high that they already pose a serious safety risk.

When the tree in your backyard starts getting in between the electric lines or if the tree’s growth has become unmanageable, it is time to consider trimming its branches, or even removing the tree all together. Think twice before cutting the tree yourself. There is a very high probability that you would cause damage to your house and the electric lines, which could result in an even bigger problem later on.

In a situation where cutting a tree could be tricky, your best option is to employ the services of a professional tree removal company. Tree removal services provide all aspects of tree care and maintenance, including pruning, tree lopping and tree branch removal. The height of the tree, the location of the tree and the additional services that the tree removal professional would be required to render will determine tree removal costs.

The bigger the tree, the higher the cost since more work is required to cut it down. The cost is also higher if the tree is located near power lines or local utilities since cutting them down is accompanied by risk factors and liability issues. It will also cost you extra for services that may not be part of the estimate, including stump grinding, hauling away large pieces of the tree that could be made into firewood and chipping branches.

Before making that call to your local tree removal company, consider the situations where you may be able to get your tree removed at no cost. If the tree is close to the power lines, call your electric utility provider and ask if they can cut down the tree for free. The city government may remove the tree for tree if they determine that the tree is getting into the sewer or its roots are starting to damage the concrete. The city is responsible for planting trees and grass in the streets and sidewalks.

There are other ways to save on tree removal costs, but because tree removal is covered by local laws protecting trees, there could be many legal issues involved if you are not very careful. It is always best to seek the help of a professional tree removal service to help you with the proper tree removal process.