Z Hedges in South East Queensland

Hedges in South East Queensland


Hedges are very useful, not only to beautify the garden, but also to serve different functions. Gardens may incorporate hedging plants for screening out the surrounding areas, giving adequate privacy to the property. Depending on the height of the hedging plants, they can be turned into buffers or fences to separate the property lot from the neighbour’s property. It would be good to choose plants that grow well in the South East Queensland area to make sure that the hedges will remain healthy and able to withstand the area’s climate throughout the year.

Hedging plants may grow very tall, so the purpose for the hedging has to be determined right from the start. Tree lopping Brisbane would be required for taller hedges that have blocked out too much of the view. Some of the most common hedging plants suitable for South East Queensland include Murraya, loved for its flowers that have a jasmine scent. This plant can grow from 1 metre to 3 metres, depending on the variety, and adapt well in a subtropical climate such as in South East Queensland. They grow best in well drained soil that is rich in organic matter. They do not like frost, but they do recover well afterwards.

One of the best hedging plants for South East Queensland is Syzygium or Lily Pilly, preferred for its rich, dense foliage. Some varieties can grow up to 5 metres, with rich red foliage in the spring months. They grow well in any soil type and in sun or shade. For best results during the spring and autumn seasons, fertilise the soil during those months. Another lovely hedge plant that is good to utilise is Plumbago, which grows white or blue flowers most of the year. This plant may require regular pruning as it has a tendency to be rather bushy.

Hedging plants are very good for screening purposes, but they also need good maintenance to prevent haphazard and untidy growth. Good pruning services that are available from tree removal Brisbane services are sure to help the hedges maintain the preferred shape. Pick a hedging plant that will blend well with the style of the house. There are many hedging plants that are easy to maintain when they are suited to the climate, so it is best to use plants that thrive well in subtropical climate.

Hedging plants are very good to use as a natural screen and property boundary. South East Queensland is home to many beautiful hedge plants so there are a wide array of choices for hedging that is not only useful but also aesthetically appealing.