Z Avoid Planting Trees that Can Harm Your Home

Avoid Planting Trees that Can Harm Your Home


Most homeowners with a green thumb are under the common misconception that planting a large shade tree that will overhang over a portion of your home will help to provide shade, decreasing your electric bill. While this may sometimes be true, the few pennies you save a month could potentially go to pay for the damage that the large tree has caused to your home over time.

Large trees that are near your home can affect it in any number of ways. The branches of these trees can dramatically affect the side of your home as the wind blows they will scrape against the wall, leaving it unsightly. In the event that a branch breaks you can face serious damage to your home or windows should it land on your home. Finally, one of the more serious problems that large shade trees can cause when they are placed next to your home is foundation damage. With strong roots pushing against your foundation it can increase pressure and cause cracking in the walls of your basement or lower levels. If you have a large tree next to your home, tree removal Brisbane is the only way to be certain you eliminate the potential damages to your home.

If you don’t have a tree next to your home, but want to create some foliage in your yard, be weary of some of the types of trees that can cause damage to your home. Large trees, like oaks, elms, willow, poplar, cypress and ash trees are all quite large species, growing to well over 18 m. in height. This means that planting of these threes should be done much further from your home as the roots are expected to greatly expand. Smaller, like those that bear fruit, magnolias and mulberry trees do not grow much more than 9 m. in height, so their roots are less likely to cause damage to your home. However, they still must be placed at least 8 ft. from your home to prevent damage.

Brisbane tree lopping services are available to those homeowners who are unsure of the effects that their tree may have. Their specialists can assess the type of tree, the distance and the potential damage it has caused to your home. If required, they can remove it from your property quickly and in a clean manner.

Don’t let a tree affect perhaps the largest investment that you have ever made. Plant accordingly, and if you are weary of the location of a pre-existing tree call a lopper service today.